The software module that enables Internet Trade Finance transactions between Clients and Banks

Credoc Client Internet is the web solution that allows your Customers to deal in documentary business from ther own location. Far from being a gadget or merely a word processor, it has the features expected by such a great tool as it can be activated through Internet.

All the Customer needs is a PC and a connection to Internet !

Credoc Client Internet has several processed functions such as :

  • Faster response to inquiries
  • Opening's request of Documentary Credit and Guarantees with the use of templates or copy of a previous document
  • Amendment requests of Documentary Credit and Guarantees
  • Statistics (current transactions, agenda, turnover, status, filing
  • Tables

This module includes opening of Documentary Credits with automatic integration in CREDOC on the Bank side, amendments, in and out communications, real security concept and much more; it is the ideal complement and is fully integrated in CREDOC.


Centralised computer software to handle Import Documentary credit openings, amendments and queries :

  • Openings requests of Import Documentary Credit (Normal opening, Opening with templates, Opening with copy of a previous request)

  • Amendment requests of Import D/C (Normal amendment, Amendment with templates)

  • Openings requests of Guarantees (Normal opening, Opening with templates, Opening with copy of a previous request)

  • Amendment requests of  Guarantees (Normal amendment, Amendment with templates)

  • Query on the status of documents like Processed or unprocessed documents, Check of the request (status, date of processing, date of issuance), and with date filtering

  • Statistics on files between the client and the bank

  • Search criteria by date, currency and type of files

  • User's profiles

  • Password management

  • Language management

  • Template management

  • Security (Visa and Access rights management)

  • Visualisation of Sent and Received Messages

  • Two way communication facility

  • Query on a document using multiple criteria

  • Clauses management

  • Creation of fixed/"scrolling" clauses for the customer and/or the Bank

  • E-mail between client and bank for confirmation and announcements


    Easy and comprehensive Communication with your Customer, for both incoming and outgoing messages, is included.

    Integration and processing of message are done through our standard interface to Credoc. Interfaces to other systems may be studied on demand.